The Spessart and Pfalz Forests in Germany are among the oldest continuously-managed forests in the world. Over a thousand years ago, the three Bishops controlling the areas realized the land wasn't really suitable for agriculture, and set it aside as a hunting and forest preserve. Over the years, these regions have come to produce some of the finest oak anywhere in the world. Carefully managed, these forests will continue to provide beautiful wood long into the future.

Creamy and golden-brown, Spessart Oak is available in a variety of cuts to suit any interior. Plain-Sliced, with its long, graceful cathedrals is typical of more traditional work. Rift-cut, showing straight, linear grain, is perfectly at home in a contemporary setting. Rustic and Resawn oak are ideal in a more casual environment, or for providing a highly textural highlight.

Available both in veneer and solid lumber, Spessart Oak is a delight to design and work with. Visit our showroom to see this, and hundreds of other fine veneers and lumber.