For years the trend in interior design has been minimalist, with clean lines, straight-grained woods and muted colors. Recently, however, we've seen a move back to more organic, natural and even rustic themes. While once Rift-Cut White Oak was the cabinet wood of choice, today we find more people selecting Plain-Sliced. Book-Matched veneers used to rule the design world, now designers are opting for Random Matching. In Europe, the inclination has gone even further, with artisans utilizing knotty, distressed and reclaimed woods. In today's world, texture is king!

Given these changes in design mindset, Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers is pleased to present our Rustic Woods. Over the next several weeks we will explore some of the individual veneers that lend themselves to this movement. Please revisit this page to see what's coming.

Please visit our showroom to see our Rustic Woods, and our complete collection of exquisite veneers.