An Overview

Exotic Hardwoods + Veneers, Inc. is a team of professionals dedicated to servicing the design community. We offer an extensive inventory of beautiful, high-quality veneer and lumber from around the world, including a large selection of both salvaged and sustainably harvested woods for the green building community.

Bob Nichols, President & Founder says:

"I started Exotic Hardwoods + Veneers in Northern California in 1976 salvaging "sinker" redwood logs out of the coastal rivers. Turn of the century loggers floated redwood logs down the rivers to mills that were located at the mouth. There they were sawn into lumber, loaded onto sailing schooners and delivered to fill the demand for lumber that built San Francisco. Many of these logs were so dense they sank to the river bottoms and were preserved in the mud. Being old-growth timber, these logs made excellent lumber and veneers. In later years I drove through the Central Valley and recovered California Walnut logs that were being burned as old orchards were converted into other crops. From this beginning Exotic Hardwoods + Veneers was born."

Today Exotic Hardwoods + Veneers is focused on procuring veneers from responsibly managed forests around the world. We feel that the use of sustainably harvested wood products is more than just a trend, it is fast becoming the only way to provide architectural paneling, wood veneered doors and cabinet parts to our business, governmental and private sector clients. By specifying veneers that have been harvested from well-managed forests, as well as salvaged woods, you can be assured that you will be purchasing products that are ecologically responsible. Our mission is to find the world's most beautiful woods for our clients and to support sustainable forestry.